Home Makeover Part 1: Kitchen & Mudroom

Before & After

When my husband and I purchased our home in 2010, it was a DUMP. We had to sleep in the dining room and basically lived out of boxes for months. The house was a complete overhaul...we gutted everything.

One of the biggest transformations of the house was the kitchen. Actually, it wasn't so much a makeover as it was a whole new kitchen, in an entirely different space.

We started by knocking out the wall of the dining room, which opened into the old garage. The garage then became the new kitchen! So in the photos above, the new kitchen is actually positioned beyond that back wall.

Wasn't it pretty?! Lol! Through the door in the photo above and to the right was the entrance to the garage. That became open into the kitchen as well. The old kitchen area became our entry way. Watch for the upcoming post including the entry, living and dining room!

The above two photos show where the kitchen and main level bathroom were, and what they look like now. We added a coat closet (adjacent to the window in the photo immediately above), and completely renovated the bathroom. Stay tuned for a post on the bathroom remodel!

The house was so choppy it was definitely a challenge to get good before pictures. Hopefully the after pictures below show how much time and effort we put into this project! Don't mind the kitty or two...they like getting their pictures taken!

I'm also going to include pictures of our mudroom, which is a new addition...right off from the kitchen. When we turned the old garage into the current kitchen, we had to add on a new garage, so we included a mudroom to connect the two...

UPDATE 4/27/20:

I did a little change up on the wall decor...

Are you currently renovating a room or house? I'd love to hear how it goes! Don't forget to follow Urban Rhino on social media and subscribe to our website for more upcoming design tips and ideas!

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