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The Lonely Toadstool

An Illustration Tutorial

As an artist, inspiration tends to come in all forms. Whether it be walking down an enchanting historic street, reading an immersive book, or hearing a beautifully moving song, it is important to act when such inspirations arise!

This is a rule for all individuals, not just those who are deemed “creative” or “artistic”. Exercising creativity is therapeutic for ALL, and one should not feel reserved or discouraged in expressing these feelings through art. Start simple. Allow yourself to feel lead by what inspires you in the moment, and you will find joy…. no matter the end result. Sometimes it is the process that your soul requires.

I recently found such inspiration in a children’s book that I read to my youngest son. Written by Kristin Addington Culpepper and illustrated by Ruthie Arthur, The Lonely Toadstool is a beautiful story that teaches children to always speak out and express feelings of loneliness and sadness. The message is made clear that support will always be there for them. That they are heard and have a supportive community. Reading it aloud served as a very moving reminder for me personally. I feel so grateful to this precious little book for the very big lesson it holds in its pages.

As mentioned earlier, reading this prompted me to create! I painted a very simple toadstool that I now have framed on my bookshelf. It serves as a reminder of that lonely little toadstool that decided to cry out for help, and the love it received in return.

Mushrooms are so fun to paint for both grownups and children. There is so much freedom in choosing your colors and background. So if the mood strikes, grab your pencil, a fine tip marker and watercolors (any brand will do), and get started!



Fine Tip Marker

Watercolor Paint

Watercolor Paper

Painter's Tape

Start with a very basic outline. Draw it lightly with pencil first and only when you are satisfied with your soft sketch should you go over your lines with the fine tip marker.

Add your color! This is where it’s fun to feel free. There is no need to compare. Just go with what feels right for you! This is always the most therapeutic part for me….

The end result!

Illustration by: Christina Cochran


About The Lonely Toadstool Author

About the Illustrator (who is also a gifted photographer)

About the Content Creator:

Christina resides in her hometown of Franklin, Indiana. She studied Psychology and Studio Art at Franklin College and has since continued to grow in both painting photography. Married with two handsome boys, you will often find her photographing landscapes and cityscapes, as well as creating watercolor illustrations. In addition to creating, she also enjoys reading and hiking with her family.

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